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shipping container cabin for sale

Experience the Flexibility of Jackleg Cabins For Sale 

Durable, Customizable, and Perfect Jackleg Cabins for Any Terrain

Shipping containers on sale Jackleg cabins for sale are versatile structures designed with adjustable steel legs (jacklegs) that allow for easy leveling on uneven terrain. Ideal for a variety of uses, including offices, canteens, and living spaces, buy jackleg cabins and enjoy it's durable and customizable solution for your needs

Benefits Of Buying Jackleg Cabins

Durable Construction

Timber-framed with Plastisol-coated steel cladding for weather resistance and low maintenance.


Built with sustainable materials and energy-efficient options


Suitable for various applications such as offices, canteens, changing rooms, and residential spaces

Adjustable Jacklegs

Steel legs for easy leveling on uneven surfaces.


Fully customizable in size, layout, and features to meet specific requirements.

Shipping Container Cabin Products For sale

Standard Jackleg Cabins

40 ft used shipping container

Basic models suitable for offices and temporary accommodations.

Standard Jackleg Cabins For Sale

Customized Jackleg Cabins

20 ft used shipping container

Tailored designs with specific features such as canteen/kitchenette, contract flooring, and additional windows.

Customized Jackleg Cabins For Sale

Large Jackleg Cabins

40 ft  Flatracks

Larger units that can be used as classrooms, meeting rooms, or multi-room facilities.

Large Jackleg Cabins For Sale
  • Partition Walls: Allow for flexible interior layouts.

  • Windows and Doors: Various sizes and placements available to suit lighting and access needs.

  • Insulation: Options for insulated walls, floors, and roofs for better temperature control.

  • Electrical and Plumbing: Custom setups to accommodate different uses, from basic electrical outlets to full kitchen and bathroom installations.

Example Layouts

Small Cabin Example Layout

  • Size: 10ft x 8ft

  • Layout: Single Room with Desk and Chair Setup, Small Storage Area.

Medium Cabin Example Layout

  • Size: 16ft x 10ft

  • Layout: Two-Room Layout with Office Area and Meeting Room, optional En-Suite Bathroom.

Large Cabin Example Layout

  • Size: 24ft x 12ft

  • Layout: Three-Room Layout with Living Room, Bedroom, and Kitchen Area, including En-Suite Bathroom.

Jackleg Cabin Use Cases

Commercial Use

40 ft used shipping container

Offices, canteens, and meeting rooms for business environments.

Commercial Use

Residential Use

40 ft used shipping container

Additional living space, guest houses, or home offices.

Residential Use

Healthcare Use

40 ft used shipping container

Temporary clinics, examination rooms, and patient waiting areas.

Healthcare Use

Educational Use

40 ft used shipping container

Temporary clinics, examination rooms, and patient waiting areas.

Educational Use

Jackleg Cabins Customization Options

Exterior Finishes

40 ft used shipping container

Options for different cladding materials and colors.

Interior Features

40 ft used shipping container

Customizable interiors with options for insulation, electrical fittings, windows, doors, and flooring

Additional Features

40 ft used shipping container

Add-ons like HVAC systems, partition walls, sanitary facilities, and security features

Small Cabins

small jackleg cabins for sale


  • These cabins range from 10ft x 8ft to 14ft x 10ft.


  • Single Room: Suitable for a small office, storage, or single-person accommodation.

  • Single Room with En-Suite: Includes a small bathroom, ideal for temporary accommodation.

Commercial Use

Medium Cabins

medium jackleg cabins for sale


  • These cabins range range from 16ft x 10ft to 20ft x 12ft.


  • Open Plan: A larger open space that can be customized for various uses such as an office, classroom, or communal area.

  • Two-Room Layout: Separate spaces for different functions, such as an office and meeting room, or living area and bedroom.

  • Two-Room with En-Suite: Includes an additional bathroom, perfect for longer-term accommodation needs.

Commercial Use

Large Cabins

large jackleg cabins for sale


  • These cabins range frange from 24ft x 10ft to 32ft x 12ft.


  • Multiple Rooms: Can include a combination of offices, meeting rooms, and storage areas.

  • Three-Room Layout: Ideal for more complex uses, such as a combination of living spaces, office areas, and storage.

  • Three-Room with En-Suite: Provides a full living setup with bedrooms, a common area, and a bathroom.

Commercial Use
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