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Buy 40ft shipping container blue (ral 5013) for sale ISO shipping container – the perfect solution for secure and cost-effective storage. With a generous capacity of nearly 2,500 cubic feet, this new one trip (once shipped) container is built to ISO standards, ensuring the highest quality and durability. Ideal for container homes, storing large and bulky items, it offers both security and convenience, making it an essential addition to any storage facility or industrial site.


Key Features:

  • Brand New, Once Shipped: Newly manufactured in China and used only once, guaranteeing excellent condition.
  • CSC Plated: Certified for a maximum gross weight of 30 tons, ensuring robust and reliable storage.
  • Durable Construction: Made entirely of Cor-Ten steel, providing exceptional strength and resistance to the elements.
  • Secure Access: Equipped with exterior hinged double doors, each featuring two locking bars and a factory-fitted lockbox for enhanced security.
  • Easy Handling: Includes two forklift pockets on each side for effortless transportation and positioning.
  • Superior Flooring: 28mm marine plywood floor on steel cross members, offering a stable and durable base.
  • Ventilation: Four vents to ensure adequate air circulation and prevent moisture build-up.


40FT SHIPPING CONTAINER BLUE (RAL 5013) Specifications:

  • External Dimensions: 12.19m (Length) x 2.44m (Width) x 2.59m (Height)
  • Internal Dimensions: 12.00m (Length) x 2.35m (Width) x 2.39m (Height)
  • Door Dimensions: 2.34m (Width) x 2.28m (Height)
  • Weight: 3400 kg
  • Floor Type: 28mm Marine Plywood
  • Cubic Capacity: 2387 cubic feet


Why Choose to Buy Our Blue (RAL 5013) Shipping Container for sale?

Our 40ft blue shipping container offers a blend of security, durability, and spaciousness, making it the ideal choice for a variety of storage needs and building shipping container homes. Whether need to store large machinery, bulk materials, or personal items, this container provides a reliable and flexible solution. Its vibrant blue color (RAL 5013) not only adds aesthetic appeal but also ensures easy identification.


Pricing Details (Cost):

When it comes to investing in high-quality storage solutions, our 40 foot shipping container offers exceptional value for money. Priced at 3699 (excluding VAT) or £4699 (including VAT), this container represents a long-term investment in secure, durable, and spacious storage. The cost reflects the premium construction materials and rigorous manufacturing standards, ensuring you receive a product that is built to last.

Why is this a good deal?

  • Longevity: The Cor-Ten steel construction and marine plywood floor guarantee longevity, minimizing the need for replacements or extensive maintenance.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various storage needs, from industrial equipment to personal belongings, offering a versatile storage solution.
  • Security Features: Enhanced security features such as locking bars and a factory-fitted lockbox provide peace of mind that your valuables are protected.
  • Convenience: Easy handling with forklift pockets and secure access make this container practical for frequent use and transportation.


Customization Options:

Personalize your container to suit your specific requirements with our range of optional features:

  • Electrical Socket Installation
  • Ply Lining and Insulation
  • Pedestrian Door and Full Respray
  • Grafo Therm Coating
  • Full Container Respray
  • Standard Electrics Pack:
  • Upgrade Heated Electrics Pack




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