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Buy 40ft x 8ft used High Cube shipping container designed for durability and extra capacity, Transform your storage solutions with our 40ft x 8ft used High Cube shipping container for sale. This container offers an economical and secure way to store a wide array of goods, from industrial equipment to household items. With its superior build and versatile features, it’s the ideal choice for all your storage needs and housing solutions.


Key Features:

  • Extra Height for Maximum Storage: Perfect for larger items like plant and digger storage.
  • Robust Construction: Made entirely from Corten steel, ensuring longevity and resistance to weather conditions.
  • Convenient Access: Features exterior hinged double doors at the end with two locking bars on each door for added security.
  • Enhanced Mobility: Equipped with two forklift pockets on each side, making transportation easy.
  • Durable Flooring: 28mm plywood floor supported by steel cross members provides a strong base for heavy loads.
  • Ventilation: Includes four vents to prevent moisture build-up and ensure good air circulation.


40 ft High Cube shipping container for sale Specifications:

  • External Dimensions: 12.19m (Length) x 2.44m (Width) x 2.90m (Height)
  • Internal Dimensions: 12.00m (Length) x 2.35m (Width) x 2.70m (Height)
  • Door Dimensions: 2.34m (Width) x 2.59m (Height)
  • Weight: 3750 kg
  • Floor Type: 28mm Marine Ply
  • Cubic Capacity: 2698 cubic feet


Why Choose To Buy a 40ft Used High Cube Container?

Our 40ft used High Cube shipping container is an ex-shipping line model, guaranteeing wind and watertight integrity. It is a reliable and cost-effective storage solution that can be customized to meet your specific needs. Whether you need additional height for storing bulky items or a secure space for valuable equipment, this container delivers unmatched versatility.


Customization Options:

Make this container truly yours with our range of customization services:

  • Electrical Socket Installation
  • Ply Lining and Insulation:
  • Lockbox Addition
  • Pedestrian Door and Full Respray
  • Anti-Condensation Coating
  • Standard Electrics Pack:
  • Upgraded Heated Electrics Pack:


Enhance Your Storage Solutions Today!

Unlock the potential of your storage capabilities with our 40ft x 8ft used High Cube shipping container. Whether for personal or professional use, its durability, capacity, and customizability make it the perfect choice.

Contact us now to learn more and place your order:

Buy 40ft x 8ft used High Cube shipping container

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